Monday, August 22, 2011

Joe's Gaming Deals! Week 1

 Best Buy discounts many 3DS games to $19.99, including: Resident Evil: The Mercenaries 3DDead or Alive Dimensions, and Ghost Recon Shadow Wars. The Gears of War Triple Pack is also $19.99. L.A. Noire and Brink are $39.99 each.

 Kmart throws in a copy of Resistance 2 with the purchase of the PS3 320GB Infamous 2 Bundle.
Socom 4, Infamous 2, and Motorstorm Apocalypse are $39.99 each. Get $20 off a Move Sharpshooter with the purchase of Killzone 3 or Socom 4.

 Target offers a $10 gift card with Deus Ex Human Revolution, a $25 gift card with an Xbox 360 4GB console purchase, and a $20 gift card with the Wii Udraw tablet. EA Sports Active 2 (PS3/Wii) bundles are discounted to $9.99.

 Toys R Us promotes a buy 1, get 1 50% sale on all 3DS, DS, and Wii games. Buy a Nintendo 3DS, get a bonus game for $9.99. Receive a $25 gift card with the purchase of a DSi XL or DSi, a $20 gift card with the purchase of a Wii uDraw Game Tablet Bundle, and a $50 card with the purchase of a Xbox 360 250GB Kinect Bundle. All Kinect Games are $10 off.

The Rest of the Deals...
All MRSP prices have been removed. Highlights are in bold.

Best Buy (Ad)
Thanks, Envel - See post here
 L.A. Noire $39.99
 Pre-order Assassins Creed Revelations and get 50% off Assassins Creed Brotherhood ($20 after savings) and Assassins Creed 2 ($10 after savings)
 Brink $39.99
 Save $20 when you buy any 360 console and 12 months of Xbox Live
 Gears of War Triple Pack $19.99
 Turtle Beach Earforce X11 $49.99
 Turtle Beach Earforce DX11 $109.99

 Get up to a $100 Best Buy Gift Card when you Trade in your Old Nintendo DS:
  • DS Lite - $50 GC
  • DSi - $75 GC
  • DSi XL - $100 GC
 Resident Evil: The Mercenaries 3D $19.99
 Dead or Alive Dimensions $19.99
 Ghost Recon Shadow Wars $19.99
 Ultimate Starter Kit by Rocketfish $19.99
 Sims 3 $19.99
 Madden Football $19.99
 Punch Time Explosion $19.99
 Rabbids Travel Time 3D $19.99

GameStop (Ad)
Offers end 8/22

 Dead or Alive 3DS, Pacman Galaga Dimensions, Spongebob, Punchtime Explosion
 25% trade bonus towards the purchase of Gears 3, Madden NFL 12, or Rage
 LittleBigPanet 2 $39.99
 Halo Reach $39.99
 Cars 2 $29.99
 Cars 2 $19.99
 Bakugan $9.99
 Buy Tigers Woods 12 Move Bundle, Get Sports Champions free
 DJ Hero (game and bundle) $19.99

Kmart (Ad)
Thanks, SHC-Gamer - See post here
Note: Some offers may or may not appear in the actual Sunday Ad, but were posted on CAG by SHC-Gamer. Offers end on Saturday.

 320GB Infamous 2 Bundle ($299.99) + Free Resistance 2 ($29.99)
 Save $20 on a Move Sharpshooter with purchase of Killzone 3 or Socom 4 (Socom 4 is the key as it is on sale)
 Save $20 on Infamous 2, Motorstorm Apocalypse, Socom 4) Reg. $59.99
 $6.99 (Reg. $9.99) PSP Games: Twisted Metal: Head On, Medal of Honor Heroes, PixelJunk Monsters, Need for Speed Most Wanted, Castlevania Dracula X Chronicles, Ghostbusters

Closeout deals through the 27th - Not all stores have all versions available.
 Guitar Hero Warriors of Rock band bundle $79.99
 Guitar Hero Warriors of Rock guitar bundle $39.99
 DJ Hero 2 party bundle $64.99
 DJ Hero 2 turntable bundle $24.99
 Tony Hawk Shred board bundle $19.99

Target (Ad)Thanks, Enuf - See post here
 Free $10 giftcard w/Deus Ex $60/$50
 COD: Black Ops $50
 COD: MW2 $30
 Free $25 Giftcard w/Xbox 360 4 GB Console $200
20% off "selected" controllers/accessories items shown:
 Wireless Controller $40
 Turtle Beach Headset $47(Can't tell which model from the pic)
 3 Month XBL Gold card $20
 HDMI cable $32 (can't tell which brand or how long it is)

 Mario Kart Wii bundle $130 (black or white)
 Free $20 giftcard w/Udraw tablet $70
 EA active 2 bundle $10

 3DS save up to $75 trade in/up offer $75 for DSi XL or $40 for DSi
***Bestbuy currently has a better trade in offer up to $100***
Star wars III $30
Super Monkey Ball $25
Pac-Man $25
Nintendogs $20
 Cars 2 $20

Toys R Us (Ad)
Thanks, Envel - See post here
 Buy 1, Get 1 50% All 3DS, DS, Wii games
 Get 1 game for $9.99 when purchased with a Nintendo 3DS
 Free $25 gift card when you buy any DSi XL or DSi - $169.99 & $149.99
 Free $20 gift card when you buy the Wii uDraw Game Tablet Bundle (No price listed)
 Free $50 gift card when you buy the $399.99 Xbox 360 250GB Kinect Bundle
 Save $10 on all Kinect Games

Thanks to CheapyD @ CheapAssGamer For letting me know about these deals!!

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