Saturday, August 20, 2011

A brief introduction. (Towards anyone who may or may not care.)

Hello, friends, gentlemen, ladies, and assorted pieces of bacon. This is a blog much like any other that you've seen in this huge place that we've come to call our homes. In this internet, you may or may not notice this blog, but like a silent hero, like a background protagonist, it will be kept faithfully updated, faithfully served, and most importantly, active. I hope to accompany you guys on this wonderful trip through the vast world of technology, and help you through whatever questions, whatever problems you may have. Whether you're looking for tech advice, or if you're simply seeking someone to chat or game with, I'll be here, the faithful little blogger, blogging my arse off.

Now, onto less epic words. This is a guide by yours truly, that will provide gaming reviews, hardware and software alike, so that you, friendly neighborhood blog watcher, doesn't have to sift through pages of reviews here to find someone you can trust. I'll be reviewing what I can, because unfortunately, I'm flat broke, but If you'd like to leave an investment, feel free to do so :) Only joking. If you really love me that much as to send me a donation, I will write you thank you letter. Oh well. Our first review will be that of the gameplay experience I had with Medal of Honor. I will also be including video. Joe, OUT.

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